"Hard, Cold Tumble of a Journey" is the thirteenth episode of Season 9.

Synopsis Edit

Daniel, having received permission from his "comedic musical" cast to poach their best rehearsal bits for the spring mainstage musical, is finally out of writers' block hell and is back to being the singing, joyous ball of sunshine that drove Cliff up a wall in their roommate days. Delighted and bursting with creative energy, he barrels into Colin's office with a handful of different proposals only to learn that after the stunt Mary pulled with "Jurassic Nutcracker" in the dance department, the trustees have pressured the other departments to do more "established" productions. While Bonnie has the energy to stand up against the decree, Colin does not, and he has secured the rights to "Urinetown." Meanwhile, poor weather leads to traffic in The Academy's underground tunnel system and Harry, sick of wiping out constantly on the ice while walking his dogs, attempts to persuade his wife to focus efforts on maintenance aboveground.

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