Jillian "Celine" Jordan teaches Musical Theater 2 and 3. She was hired by The Academy immediately after her graduation from Boston Conservatory. She taught for a few years before getting cast in the national tour of Wicked, where she suffered a career-ending head injury. While she has fully recovered physically, she now conducts her life with the outrageous hand gestures, over-the-top mannerisms and thick French-Canadian accent of Ms. Celine Dion. Winter Lake welcomed her back with open arms after her recovery. She considers herself somewhat of a playwright.

Jillian has sought treatment for her condition, but the operation had questionable levels of success. While it relieved much of her pain and her Celine Dion hallucinations, it triggered momentary blackouts and Liza Minnelli hallucinations instead.

Jillian dates Robert Fry on and off throughout the first five seasons, although she spends a portion of that time posing as the girlfriend of Roger Butts so that he can land an inheritance from the grandmother who wants to see him married off. Jillian and Robert become engaged in episode 6.10, and marry in episode 8.1, spending the majority of their engagement and a year and change of their marriage away from The Academy on a cruise ship where Jillian is performing.

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