Lena DeSisto is the mother of Winter Lake Academy for the Arts theater student Capri DeSisto-Stornello.

A huge fan of the theater, she tries to catch every Winter Lake production whether or not Capri has a role. In addition to her love for the theater, she is a huge Carey Liles fangirl and has been ever since he started his role on "We Sing About Things." One of Carey's oldest fans (which is not to say she's old, she's only in her forties, but the rest of the fandom is in their teens), she is considered one of the Den Mothers of the Carey fandom and has a huge internet following.

Like many of Carey's fans, she has followed his career from his television show to his role in "Arts of Seduction" and his role in "Duck Me In The Park." As part of the preparation for the role of Heath in the film, he spent quite a bit of time with Heath learning the tricks of the journalism trade and Heath's own mannerisms. Photos of the two at work quickly spread through Carey Liles fan blogs and a number of fans, Lena included, misinterpreted Carey and Heath's interactions as romantic. As a result, Heath's real-life partner Cliff and Carey's wife Kayla become recipients of detailed and violent threats from Carey fans who believe Cliff and Kayla are "PR plants" getting in the way of "true love," although both couples were together far before Heath and Carey ever met. When word gets out that Heath has invited Carey and Kayla to a production of "Death of a Salesman" at The Academy, one of these "fans" attempts to take Kayla and Cliff out with a paintball gun. Unfortunately for the horrified stage manager Capri, it's Lena.

Although security is bumped up and Lena agrees to undergo therapy, the obsession continues when Capri comes out to her mother and Lena insists on framing discussions of her daughter's sexuality around the imagined Heath/Carey relationship. The situation only becomes more dire when former Carey fan Emily Chang blogs about a New Year's Party she attended with the actor and his wife and reveals that he made an incredibly insensitive slur towards Michelle Hall. Furious that "yet another PR plant" has "tarnished Carey's reputation," a large portion of Carey's fandom turns on Emily and directs their threats to her, with some of the most violent remarks coming from Lena's IP address. She is unaware that the Emily who runs the Carey Liles News blog is the same Emily who is dating Capri, but she's far enough along in her obsession that it is doubtful that would change anything.

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