Maya Song is (for all but the final episode of the series) a member of the Theater Department faculty at Winter Lake Academy for the Arts. She and her husband Leo are both members of the Winter Lake Academy class of 2004 and received further theater training as undergraduates at NYU. After graduation, but before returning to The Academy as faculty, she and Leo traveled the U.S. and Canada in a revival tour of "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee," in which she played the role of Marcy Park.

Over the course of the series, she becomes the mother to four daughters: Annie, twins Molly and Tess, and Catherine, who is called Kate. Maya herself is a twin; her sister Maggie was also a theater student at The Academy but left the school (and Maya's life) under mysterious circumstances in the spring of their junior year.

Like her husband, she appears far younger than she actually is, a fact that tends to confuse long-time faculty members who taught while Maya herself was a student. She is far more outgoing than her husband and makes much more of an attempt to engage with others, while he is more content to just hang out with her.

She is the daughter of the loving but invasive Richard and Anita Song.

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