Robert Fry is the hotshot English (and later, Creative Writing) teacher with, as his daughter states it, "a total boner for Shakespeare." He is of Passamaquoddy Native American descent.

At the beginning of the series, he is amicably divorced from first wife Valerie French-Fry and he raises their teenage daughter Victoria alone while Valerie finds herself in a lesbian colony in Western Massachusetts.

His hobbies include playing the same song on the guitar over and over and over again, card games and wheelchair basketball. He thinks that Roger Butts is a huge pain.

While not the most "eccentric" member of the faculty, he becomes notable for being the only faculty member to spend any significant amount of time being accompanied by a live toucan and the only faculty member to be temporarily replaced by a high-tech (and oft vandalized) robot, "creatively" named Ro-bert.

He dates Jillian Jordan throughout the series and eventually marries her in the beginning of Season 8.

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