"Salute Your Shorts" is the seventeenth episode of Season 2.

Synopsis Edit

The students are on spring break, which means the faculty has the campus to themselves. When Victoria learns that she has landed a summer job at her old camp, Robert gets nostalgic for the summer days of his youth and, with Vera's blessing, appoints himself director of the two week Inaugural Winter Lake Academy Faculty Staycation retreat. While Colin and Violet use their impressive height to their advantage during the watermelon seed spitting contest, Bonnie accidentally shoots her new husband in the butt with an arrow (a Nerf arrow, but still), and Maya and Leo obsess over finding an act for the talent show that can incorporate their two-month-old daughter. Still pissing herself with laughter over the show at Bonnie's bachelorette party, Michelle arranges for an encore and ends up bringing the spice back into Paul's marriage when his wife Tracy sneaks into a performance while Emily's at a sleepover. Meanwhile, Jonathan gets good news about his show.

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