"See How Long Our Swan Song Can Last" is the first episode of Season 9.

Synopsis Edit

After forgetting to remove himself from The Academy's dorm parent Google Group, Cliff experiences regret over his resignation as his colleagues rejoice in learning that some of their favorite students have been placed with them.  The Shermans expand Haven Farm's retail operation and ask to terminate their contract with the Culinary Arts department, which forces them to scramble for another location. While initially the house acquired for "Fireworks Over Ithaca" appears promising after the Luces bring it up to code, the kitchen is too small for the growing number of budding cooks and the Massachusetts Board of Health continues to prevent the students from using the cafeteria kitchen for their lessons. Harry offers a temporary solution with his state-of-the-art setup, but Vera worries the students will test their creations out on the living vacuums that swarm underfoot (their pugs) and with the constant stream of scandals, out-of-control parents, faculty in-fighting and whatever's going on with Roger, the last thing she wants to deal with is poo. Meanwhile, on vacation with the Bentleys again, Bonnie helps Shaquarius draft his proposal to use student musicians for theater department pieces rather than hiring professionals.

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