"Sister, Sister" is the fifth episode of Season 1.

Synopsis Edit

"Harmony Defined" sells out and Jillian decides to extend the show another week to coincide with Family Weekend. While a number of students' parents and siblings show up on campus, a number of the staff welcome their families as well. Roger's older sister Ophelia returns with startling news about their parents. Bonnie's younger sister Doreen reveals that she is converting to Judaism in preparation for her upcoming wedding. Vera's sister Nina returns to America after twenty years in London. Leo's sister Rachel is just here to party. With Heath in Nashville on business, Cliff organizes a karaoke night for himself, the Alcott women, Rachel, Leo and Maya, but plans are put on hold when two cast members of "Harmony Defined" get caught with ecstasy and Leo and Maya have to jump in and play their roles.

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