"Slothed In Translation" is the first episode of Season 8.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

With their cruise ship docked for a week in New York City, Jillian and Robert decide to throw together a quickie wedding at the Central Park Zoo. Despite being hired after Jillian's departure, Daniel finagles an invite as Leo and Maya's manny and works with the couple (and Roger) to write a song about Jillian and Robert for the reception. However, plans to perform it go awry when the zoo grounds are evacuated after a breeding pair of sloths escape and Victoria, Emily and the eldest Andrews daughter Julie vanish in the tumult. What was supposed to be a celebration of love nearly seven years in the making turns into a city-wide wild-goose-chase as the wedding party assists the Changs and the Andrews in the search for their children. Later, Michelle receives a surprise (and very welcome) visitor at the Harlem stop on her book tour, while Hannah and Rocky take in a show downtown only to discover that the performance artist Woot Dollop Woot Dollop Echo is none other than Hannah's, and thus Esther's, long-lost sister Aviva.

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