"Trouble When You Walked In" is the eleventh episode of Season 7.

Synopsis Edit

Days away from beginning principal photography on "Duck Me In The Park," Frank throws a New Year's party for both his cast and the real people who inspired the story of the film. While the culinary arts faculty is all abuzz, playfully arguing over who gets to help cater the "Hollywood event," other faculty members seek the party as an opportunity to network. With Cliff and Heath's support, Michelle offers a script for Frank to peruse, while Violet has the guests in stitches with her impression of both Becca and the swarm of angry ducks. While sole student guest Emily Chang is initially thrilled to be at a star-studded gathering, an insensitive comment about Michelle made by one of the celebrity guests sours the sophomore on her idol and she demands to be taken home to document the night's events on her blog.

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