Victoria Fry is the daughter of Robert Fry and Valerie French-Fry, and the eventual step-daughter of Jillian Jordan (via Robert) and Jayna Berger (via Valerie). She is a dance student in the class of 2017.

Fourteen at the beginning of the series, she is enrolled at Winter Lake High School. While she's doing fine academically, Robert worries that she is not getting to shine artistically. She is a gifted ballerina and Robert believes that she would fit in better at The Academy.

She eventually transfers to The Academy as a sophomore. Highlights from her time at The Academy include hallucinating mole people after a toxic mold infestation, successfully petitioning the school to make its secret underground tunnels more accessible to people with physical disabilities, getting shot in the spleen with an arrow (although technically that happened over the summer) and getting recruited by the Austin Ballet.

While an unfortunate injury ends her dream of performing at a professional level, her level of devotion to both her craft and The Academy itself leads her to a promising career opportunity for the future.

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